Pet Topics

Behavior Problems

by Dr. Ku

Are your loved ones driving you crazy??

We have found that one of the most frustrating issues for pet owners (new and experienced alike), are behavioral concerns. Whether it is your loveable new kitty that refuses to use the litter box consistently, your older dog that barks excessively, or your neighbor's cat that chooses to make your flower bed their new litter box, these can sometimes be "life threatening" situations.

You should know that you are not alone. Behavior problems can be complex, and their solutions can be variable and highly dependent on multiple factors. While we may not have a single medication or precise set of rules that will resolve your particular issue, we will have suggestions that may be helpful, and can certainly guide you in the direction toward solutions. Please let us know when behavioral issues arise. As your pet's health care providers, we want to make sure they are as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally.

Here are some links you may find of interest regarding behavior issues for your pets:
This is a good site for basic tips on how to enrich the indoor cat's environment, how to see it from their perspective regarding perching/resting sites, choice of toys or "prey" objects, how to handle changes in food or litter, etc. It is through the Ohio State University Veterinary School.
This site has some fairly general articles on various behavior concerns for pet owners. It may be a good link for clients as a starting point for behavior issues. It also has a link to seek online advice (for a fee) from this group.
This a good site for basic tips on kitty litterbox issues and housetraining for dogs. It also has information on cleaning products which may be of use to you. We have not tried them ourselves and therefore cannot speak to their effectiveness.