Kitten Package

Our kittens are smart and affordable, with year-long packages of high-quality preventive petcare for the kitty you love.

Kitten Package in Elk Grove, CA 95758

Help your new puppy or kitten start on the right paw. Get all the information you need and find out what we include in our new puppy & kitten packages.​

Kitten Vaccination Package includes: consultation, vaccination, testing, and strategic deworming to provide your new pet with a complete preventative medicine program during its initial vaccination series

Initial comprehensive physical examination and consultation with a Veterinarian, and consultations with a Veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technician with each subsequent visit.

A feline leukemia virus and feline aids virus test (these viruses can infect your kitten even before it is born).
A series of Rhinotracheitis-calicivirus-panleukopenia vaccinations every 3-4 weeks until 12 weeks old.
Rabies vaccination at 4 months old.
Strategic deworming at the first 2 visits to treat and prevent spread of dangerous intestinal parasites .
2 fecal analyses – a microscopic examination to check for additional intestinal parasites that can be harmful to your pet and your family.
Kitty care literature to provide you with the information you need to understand the needs of your new pet.
First dose of flea preventative medication.
You save at least 20% on your initial kitten care program if purchased as a package.
Outdoor kittens or kittens at risk of contracting Leukemia virus: We will recommend a series of 2 Leukemia vaccinations to be given 3-4 weeks apart in addition to the above protocol at an additional cost.
These packages are well-known programs. If your pet becomes ill, or requires additional medication or treatment during the course of the program, additional fees will be charged for those services.
The entire package fee must be paid in full on the first visit. If for some reason the entire package cannot be completed, a credit will be issued to your account minus the non-discounted cost of the services that have already been provided.