Pet Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Our facility is set up to offer therapeutic and diagnostic treatments to meet the full range of medical requirements for your pets.

Pet Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

We are happy to provide pet diagnostic and therapeutic services at Hatton Veterinary Hospital. 

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To satisfy all of your pet’s medical needs, Hatton Veterinary Hospital is able to offer diagnostic and therapeutic services. We currently offer class IV therapeutic laser, stem cell, herbal, and chiropractic therapies in addition to our standard western medical treatments.

It’s challenging to know what to do when you see your pet in discomfort or suffering and don’t know what’s wrong. To determine what is wrong and provide an accurate diagnosis, our staff performs state-of-the-art internal diagnostics. Faster diagnosis means quicker treatment! We carry out diagnostic procedures both internally and through a third-party lab so that we can provide accurate and rapid results.